» Program Committees: AAMAS'20, IJCAI-PRICAI'20, AIES'21, LORI'21, 1ST Workshop on Machine Ethics and Explainability - the role of logic programming

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» Program Committees AAMAS'20, IJCAI-PRICAI'20, AIES'20, ECAI'20

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» Program Committees AAMAS'19, IJCAI'19, AIES'19

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» Program Committees AAMAS'18, IJCAI'18, AIES'18 LOFT'18,AT'18

» Invited talk "Autonomous yet moral machines", December 13-15, 2018, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano,Italy TriCoLore 2018 Summary of the talk.

» Chair of EUMAS'18 The proceedings

» IJCAI 2018Video Competition IJCAI 2018 . In the spirit of earlier AI Video Competitions, our intention is to provide researchers with a showcase for demonstrating how exciting and interesting Artificial Intelligence can be, as well as offering to the public and the media accurate information crafted first-hand by researchers. The results of the competitionwill be presented at the IJCAI 2018 conference (July 13-19, 2018, in Stockholm, Sweden), where the best videos will be announced. All videos will also be made available online. Read more.

» Tutorial at AAMAS 2018. Today when social networking services are ubiquitous, it is important to understand social influence in a system of agents and how it impacts the beliefs and actions of the agents in the system. We are giving a tutorial at AAMAS 2018 titled Multiagent Systems and social influence where we cover the formal models of social influence from social science that originated such explorations half a century ago. We also look at modern models from multi-agent systems based on epistemic logic. Read more.

» Tutorial at IJCAI 2018. Machine ethics is concerned with the challenge of constructing ethical and ethically behaving artificial agents and systems. We are giving a tutorial at IJCAI-ECAI 2018 titled Machines that know Right, and can not do Wrong - The theory and practice of machine ethics where we introduce the advances in the machine ethics field and outlines the main AI challenges in this discipline. Read more.

» Co-organiser of the special seession on Formalising Robot Ethics at the International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics (ISAIM) Fort Lauderdale, FL. January 3–5, 2018.

» Co-chair of the video competition track at IJCAI-2018.


» Invited talk "Towards moral authonomous systems", December 4-5, 2017, Center For Artificial Intelligence Research (CAIR), University of Agder, Norway Ethics and Artificial Intelligence Conference

» Invited talk "Who's a good robot", 23rd-24th November 2017, Cumberland Londge, UK Verification and Validation of Autonomous Systems: Ethical, Social and Trustworthy behaviour

» Tutorial "Engineering Machine Ethics" EASSS 2017. Held at the University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk, Poland, from 7 to 11 August, 2017. Slides here!

» Invited talk "Iterative Judgment Aggregation", University of Bayreuth, SEGA - Project Workshop

» Condorcet’s jury theorem and the truth on the web popular science article on Vox Publica.

» Invited talk "Manipulation in Judgment Aggregation", Lorentz Center, The Invention of Lying: Language, Logic and Cognition, from 9 Jan 2017 through 13 Jan 2017 . Slides

Program Committees AAMAS'17, IJCAI'17, AAAI'17, ADT'17