Objective Tests in Automated Grading of Computer Science Courses: An Overview (bibtex)
	abstract = {In this chapter, we analyze and mutually compare the most used objective tests in computer science courses in Learning Management Systems (e.g., Moodle) and MOOCs. We outline their advantages, technical limitations, and ethical challenges. We also consider test feedback mechanisms that facilitate continuous learning for students as well as the identification and recognition of possible evaluation mistakes of the system of AI-supported methods for automating objective tests in programming. These tests come with a range of technical challenges to promote students' empowerment and support their autonomy in the learning process. There are also ethical challenges that arise when a human evaluator is replaced by software. We discuss and analyze these tests and focus on identifying and mitigating the context-specific ethical challenges. A clearly defined form of evaluation also checks and promotes students' integrity and genuineness in summative evaluations. Contrarily, in formative evaluations, automated objective tests should help to motivate students to commit to the learning process. We emphasize the essential characteristics for these tests to correctly provide these two types of evaluations in courses.},
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