Logic of  Visibility in Social Networks (bibtex)
author="Galimullin, Rustam
and Pedersen, Mina Young
and Slavkovik, Marija",
editor="Ciabattoni, Agata
and Pimentel, Elaine
and de Queiroz, Ruy J. G. B.",
title="Logic of  Visibility in Social Networks",
booktitle="Logic, Language, Information, and Computation",
publisher="Springer International Publishing",
abstract="Social media is not a neutral channel for news consumption. How visible information posted online is, depends on many factors such as the network structure, the emotional volatility of the content and the design of the social media platform. In this paper, we use formal methods to study the visibility of agents and information in a social network. We introduce a modal logic to reason about a social network of agents that can follow each other, post and share information. We show that by imposing some simple rules on the system, a potentially malicious agent can take advantage of the network construction to post an unpopular opinion that may reach many agents. The network is presented both in a static and dynamic form. We prove completeness, expressivity and model checking problem complexity results for the corresponding logical systems.",
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