a little about me

I was born on December 29th in 1979, but I really can't take any credit for that. I hold a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. I hold a (joint) Masters degree in computer science from the Vienna University of Technology and the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. I followed the European Masters in Computational Logic under an Erasmus Mundus grant. My Masters thesis was on the interdisciplinary topic of Logic Reasoning for Interactive Question Answering. The full thesis can be downloaded here.

To fill in the career gaps from 1979 to today please refer to my CV.

Since March 2008 I am employed as a research assistant by the University of Luxembourg in the Individual and Collective Reasining group (ICR) of the Computer Science and Communication (CSC) research unit. I am a doctoral candidate under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Leon Van Der Torre and Dr. Gabriella Pigozzi. The focus of my doctoral research is the development of formal procedures for collective reasoning. These procedures are intended for aggregating logically inter-related information from a group of rational artificial or human agents.

Since December 2009, I am involved in establishing a Robotic Labarathory for the CSC. The lab and its web page are still under construction, but you can have a peek here.

From the wokshop in Aldebaran, February 2010