Teaching AI Ethics: Observations and Challenges (bibtex)
	Abstract = {This report summarises the experience in teaching Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Ethics as an elective masters level course at the University of Bergen. The
goal of the summary is twofold: 1) to draw lessons for teaching this in-high
demand very new discipline; 2) to serve as a basis in developing a bachelor
level AI Ethics course for students of artificial intelligence. AI Ethics as a
topic is particularly challenging to teach as the discipline itself is very new
and no textbooks have been established. The added challenge is introducing
methodologies and skills from humanity- and social sciences to students of
computational and information sciences.},
	Author = {Marija Slavkovik},
	Journal = {Norwegian Conference on Didactics in IT education},
	Title = {Teaching AI Ethics: Observations and Challenges},
	Url = {https://ojs.bibsys.no/index.php/NIK/article/view/815},
	Year = {2020}
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